September 24, 2021: I just finished a music video of my new single for solo piano Reflection No. 1  performed by Michelle Schumann. This is Track 9 on the new upcoming release CD Album “Works for Solo Piano.”

June 27, 2021:

New single coming out on July 1, 2021 called Transition. Here is the music video to go with it.

December 19, 2020: Music video to go with the new release Haze on the Mountain.

August 7, 2020: Music video to go with the new release Embrace of the Infinite. Review by Kathy Parsons of Embrace of the Infinite.

July 4, 2020: Music video of my single Not Forgotten. 

April 6, 2020:

Well, it’s a rough ride for everyone with this pandemic affecting all of us. I was in Galway, Ireland for the last several months this year. I was going to stay until the end of May, but then Covid-19 came about and disrupted all our plans. I headed back as fast as I could back home. I’m here now and safe. While in Galway, I did write some music. One of the pieces that I composed while in Galway is called Floating Lakes. It was officially released on April 3, 2020 on Apple Music, Spotify and other musical digital formats. A review of the composition was reviewed by Kathy Parsons, and you can read it at Kathy Parsons’ Review of Floating Lakes. And here is the music video to go with the single.

June 25, 2018:

Today I published a music video called Journey Home The soundtrack will be released as a music single. I mastered the music for Master for iTunes. I hope to get it out there this week! Meanwhile enjoy the new music video!

June 7, 2017:

My composition Hume’s Thoughts in Flight for baritone voice and music ensemble was performed on May 4, 2017 at Spencer Reichman’s Master’s Graduate Recital at Loyola University at Roussel Hall in New Orleans. I have made a short clip of the performance that’s about 3 minutes long of the beginning section of Part 5 This Constant Conjunction

May 1, 2017:

For my youtube video channel to see videos that I’ve done, here is the link. Eric Chapelle youtube

Here is one I did a while back called Paper Flags and the Wind

When I was in northern India a while back, you would see the paper flags everywhere.

Previous entrie posted:

Just posted a short music video on youtube at

This is my first Instagram music video. I was just playing around with some videos I’ve shot lately with my iPhone, and picked this short clip to put music to. I’ll load this up on my Instagram account at ECMUSIC1008. It’s called Window view of the Twilight

The composition Sunday morning with the rain falling performed on the Steinway on a Sunday morning while it’s raining outside. Just worked on looking at a Beethoven piano sonata. I took a break from that and play this. Recorded on June 21, 2015. Remixed 02-14-2016. The imagery seen here is from the program called “The Snail” from Ircam Lab. What is being shown in the video is all the pitches and harmonics being displayed in real time while the music is playing.

Music video of Tide Pool from my album Across the Water. Images are from Norton Island off the coast of Maine.

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  1. Eric .. long time. I may pass thru Austin in a cpl weeks. Not definite. Would be great to catch up.
    Bruce dePyssler

    • admin says:

      Hi Bruce, I’ll write you back. Long time indeed. I’m in Charlottesville, Virginia heading back to Austin in Sunday. Eric

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