January 2, 2021: Happy New Year!. So glad that 2020 is behind us! That was a tough year! We still need to go through the next few weeks, months to get past the pandemic and political climate that is so crazy right now. Yet, music is there for us, no matter what is going on around us. I’m busy doing several projects as usual in the studio. I found a solo piano piece laying around that I plan to release soon. I”m getting my Kawai piano tuned on Wednesday. After that, I’ll record my new piece and get it out there for you. Working title is Romance No. 1 for solo piano “On the Journey” It’s in D flat major. I wrote this piece on November 3, 2015 in the afternoon. And now I will get it out there. I’m working on some other works too. The winter is a nice time to stay indoors, but still I’m having time to walk. Take Care. Stay safe.

December 20, 2020: Here is a promotion for my new release Lo, How a Rose E’er Blooming

December 17, 2020: And here is my music video for my new single “Haze on the Mountain.” Now available on all music stream sites.

December 17, 2020: Here is a review of my new single Lo, How a Rose E’er Blooming by Kathy Parsons at Review Lo, How a Rose E’er Blooming by Kathy Parsons

December 17, 2020: Here is a review of my new single Haze on the Mountain by Kathy Parsons at Review of Haze on the Mountain by Kathy Parsons

October 26, 2020: Here is a review of my new single Paper Flags and the Wind by Kathy Parsons at Review of Paper Flags and the Wind by Kathy Parsons

October 17, 2020: I released a new single Paper Flags and the Wind available in most digital music formats. Here is a link on Spotify Paper Flag and the Wind This music was made for a music video that’s available to watch on my YouTube channel. I re-edited the music and remixed it for the release. It has a World Music feel to it.

October 4, 2020: I finally did an interview with Kathy Parsons, which was long overdo. You can see the whole interview here Interview with Eric Chapelle September 2020

August 7, 2020: My new single Embrace of the Infinite officially released today, and is now accessible in places like Spotify at Embrace of the Infinite on Spotify. Also, a review of the single at Review of Embrace of the Infinite by Kathy Parsons

August 2, 2020: I’m about to release a new single called Embrace of the Infinite on August 7, 2020 on my Eric Chapelle Artist Page on Spotify. You can hear a high resolution of the music with images taken by the Hubble Space Telescope on my Youtube Artist Channel.

July 4, 2020: A couple recent reviews of my new solo piano single Not Forgotten at Review by Kathy Parsons, and by Steve Sheppard at Steve Sheppard Music Review. Link at Spotify to hear Not Forgotten. I’m also giving away the piano score of Not Forgotten. You can download the PDF file at
Music Sheet of Not Forgotten and the music video at

June 7, 2020: I’m releasing a new single of solo piano Not Forgotten on Apple Music, Spotify, Pandora, etc. on June 26. 2020. You can hear it now at Not Forgotten

April 6, 2020: Well, it’s a rough ride for everyone with this pandemic affecting all of us. I was in Galway, Ireland for the last several months this year. I was going to stay until the end of May, but then the coronavirus came about and disrupted all our plans. I headed back as fast as I could back home. I’m here now and safe. While in Galway, I did write some music. One of the pieces that I composed while in Galway is called Floating Lakes It was officially released on April 3, 2020 on Apple Music, Spotify and other music digital formats. A review of the composition was reviewed by Kathy Parsons and you can read it at Kathy Parsons’ Review of Floating Lakes Link on Spotify at Spotify Floating Lakes and on Apple Music at Apple Music Floating Lakes

March 17, 2020: I’m officially releasing a new music single called Floating Lakes on April 3, 2020 on Apple Music, Spotify and other digital music platforms. I’ve been living in Galway Ireland in the last few months. I wrote this piece while in Galway. I also made a music video to go along with releasing the single. I went to Connemara and did some videos of the lakes and clouds in that part of Ireland. We’re going through a challenging time with the coronavirus worldwide. I’m leaving tomorrow to get back to Austin, Texas. In doing this music with these video images of lakes and clouds, I hope it will give you some comfort in these trying times. Here is the link to see the music video on my Youtube Artist Channel.

March 9, 2020: I’m about to officially release a new music single Floating Lakes on April 3, 2020 on Apple Music, Spotify and other digital music platforms. I’m also doing a music video to accompany the single. I’m currently working on the music video. I finished shooting video clips of lakes and clouds in northern Ireland. I’m now in the process of editing the video to coincide with the official release date of the single on April 3. 2020. Floating Lakes will be on my next upcoming album!

November 26, 2019: I just uploaded a new mix of my composition At the Center for mezzo soprano and orchestra. I did the editing and mixing in Digital Performer in Midi. I’ve used the Vienna Symphonic Library for the samples of the orchestra. It took a while to edit each measure for each instrument, but it well worth it. There’s 432 measures in this piece. The file that you can stream is a high quality file. It’s best to hear this with headphones. You can stream this file at At the Center for mezzo soprano and orchestra. Looking forward to my next projects that I’m working on.

September 21, 2018: Fall is here. I love this season. I tend to write more during this season. I’ve started several projects. One big project for voice and orchestra and the text is from a poem called Parallel Keys. It’s about animals and dreams from a series of poems by Helene Cardona. The composition is dreamy and surreal. Helene wrote it in English and translated into French. Also started a series of compositions for cello and piano. Piece No. 1 is in A flat Major and has an interesting time signature in 15/8 for the first two measures. I’m writing this for a cello player in Europe who will be on tour this fall in Europe and China. So far, what I’ve written is quite interesting. I did release my a music video this summer called  Journey Home, the soundtrack is available on Apple Music, iTunes, Spotify and other digitals music media streamers. Link for music video at

June 17, 2018: I just got back from a trip to Europe. I went to the Netherland and went to Amsterdam, Deventer and Middelburg. All these places are related to promoting my current composition At the Center for mezzo soprano and orchestra. Below is a link to hear the mockup version of the conductor’s score. It was very moving to visit these places where Etty Hillesum lived. The text to the composition is an entry from Etty Hillesum’s diary, specifically entered on November 15, 1941, a prayer for guidance.
At the Center for mezzo soprano and orchestra


Here are a couple comments about my album Across the Water  posted at Amazon. Link below

on June 17, 2015
Poignant and ethereal, Across the Water is very contemplative and reflective, a peaceful space for collecting yourself and focusing your emotions and intention. The playing, arrangements and production qualities are all sublime. Quiet music for fast times. Slow down – relax – breathe.

While water is one natural element necessary to sustain life, music is one non essential we can certainly live without but then again, fluid and tranquil music can be a calming neutralizer to a more harmonious life, especially when one is caught in a hurricane of stormy life challenges.

Eric Chapelle is a composing pianist from Austin Texas whose original music scores conceivably calm the waters in several ways. Born in France, Eric is also an avid photographer who has lived in several countries around the world and his piano music retains the essential element for relaxing music by the calm buoyancy in sound that finds neutral ground with the pounding waves heard in some music today.

Across The Water is his Contemporary Instrumental 2010 release that impart 16 songs in ambient expression and creative imagination. Eric has performed his original compositions in concerts across the U.S. for over a decade, plus movie soundtracks in television, film, and commercials have been the scores that yielded wider recognition in addition to the 2 albums to his credit. Our Time was his 1998 album admired by many and had justifiably earned Eric a place alongside more esteemed pianists after his opening debut.

Eric Chapelle’s contributions in The Heart Aid Project has inspired me to tell you more about the story behind his dedicated efforts in a tribute CD in memorandum of the fateful World Trade Center events on 9 / 11. In addition to Eric who conceived and produced the project, he and review publicist Kathy Parsons had corresponded with 16 additional well respected pianists and everyone compiled the tribute CD without royalties. Simply put, their time and virtuous work on this 9 / 11 remembrance album is to be commended, in addition their efforts have also reaffirmed my current knowledge that the 17 contributors response is very much representative of the caliber of people who comprise the New Age genre today.

Across The Water is another fine illustration of the resourcefulness put into every composition. Julia Cory is a cellist from Texas joining Eric on songs Every Wish & Soft Landing then guitarist John Inmon & cellist Dawn Biega offer their contributing instrumentals on Across The Water ( Title Track ) Their level of performance and musical drama they offer expressively impart gentle movement into the picture and is well suited to the principal ideals this album represents.

This album retains yet one more harmonious notation since some of the 16 songs on Across The Water were recorded at the 150 acre Norton Island Retreat residency program created by the Easter Frontier Educational Foundation in Maine. Eric has characterized the island as an inspiring destination of solitude where writers and musicians like him can compose in peaceful moments of relaxing clarity.

Norton Island is one song where the natural environment of the retreat is evenly transferred then shown like a scenic picture of captured images. The comparatively timed piano solos, casual in ambient recollections like heard in Tide Pool wonderfully convey an impression of calm by the fluid detailing in chord phrasing and lighter melodies that offer subtle reflections using even handed moderation, much attune to Wild Iris in the mellow point of view it brings.

Remembrance is another beautiful song that carries a wonderful Cinematic overtone with every measure, and although the song on the surface is light the well placed notes engrave a deep feel of melancholy, in nicely placed emotional content I found quite moving. Contrasting soprano chorals evenly trace the piano melody while outlining lower octaves then model into more dramatic posturing and boldly crescendo as if gentle waves were moving across the shoreline.

While Across The Water from Eric Chapelle is not essential to daily living, his inspired by nature album is a solid collection of calming ambience that provides a wealth of relaxing harmony for the listener, smoothing out the rough edges of today while remaining anchored in a state of readiness for the next enduring wave of life challenges that are sure to arise.



June 7, 2017:

My composition Hume’s Thoughts in Flight for baritone voice and music ensemble was performed on May 4, 2017 at Spencer Reichman’s Master’s Graduate Recital at Loyola University at Roussel Hall in New Orleans. I have made a short clip of the performance that’s about 3 minutes long of the beginning section of Part 5 This Constant Conjunction Here is the link to see the video.

Hume’s Thoughts in Flight – segment of Part 5 This Constant Conjunction

Here is a link of a PDF file of all the words being sung in this composition. There are six divided parts.

Hume’s Thoughts in Flight text