Ever since I was a kid, I knew that music had a profound effect on me. It was during a walk in nature by myself when I was about six or seven in France when I had one of the most powerful experiences that stayed with me and altered my direction so far in my life when I heard music in the trees above me. During that walk in the afternoon, the wind was rattling the leaves above me of the tall poplar trees along the bank of a creek. The sun rays were radiantly shining on the leaves at the same time against a crisp blue sky.  Suddenly, when the wind was rattling the leaves, I heard symphonic music as well. As if a fanfare was being heard being played by the whole orchestra! I was awestruck and overwhelmed by this magical moment. I knew then, that I was destined to be immersed in music in one way or another.

Now, today, I’m still as passionated about music as I was when I was six years old. It still is as magical to me as it was then. And it never ceases to amazed me on how it still affects me now. There’s something about it that keeps generating a freshness in its intensity. We are profoundly affected as to what it does to us.

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  1. karen says:

    Just found you online and have downloaded Across the Water. Looking forward to getting acquainted with your music!

    3407 Perry Lane

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