Composer Eric Chapelle was born in a village near Paris, France. Music became part of his early life when he was drawn to the piano while he was in preschool. That instrument soon became his outlet for creative expression and exploration of musical thoughts. Chapelle immigrated to the United State at age 7, and spent portions of his life in California, India and Texas.

He received his B. A. in Music, with a concentration in composition, from Texas State University. There he trained under Russell Riepe, himself a former student of Nadia Boulanger. Chapelle has released two commercial albums, Our Time and Across the Water, under his own label Hamsa (Sanskrit word for “Swan”) Music, and has produced The HeartAid Project, an album of solo piano works by 13 composers commemorating the victims of 9/11. (Spring Hill Music).

He also done television sound tracks, including the PBS documentary Texas: The State of Water (2005), narrated by Walter Cronkite. Chapelle had his world premiere performance of Hume’s Thoughts in Flight for baritone voice and music ensemble at Spencer Reichman’s Master Graduate Recital at Roussel Hall at Loyola University on May 4, 2017.

Chapelle composes music in several genres, including classical art songs, chamber and orchestral works including the composition At the Center for mezzo-soprano and orchestra, pop, new age and experimental electronic music. Chapelle is currently working on various projects including future albums. Chapelle was in Galway, Ireland in early 2020, but cut short his trip when the pandemic hit Europe. Chapelle released six singles in 2020. Here are these releases, Floating Lakes, Not Forgotten, Embrace of the Infinite, Paper Flags and the Wind ,Haze on the Mountain, and Lo, How a Rose E’er Blooming. Chapelle continues to work in his studio. He just got his Kawai piano tuned! He’s working on a solo piano album and an ambient album that will get released in 2021!

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  1. karen says:

    Just found you online and have downloaded Across the Water. Looking forward to getting acquainted with your music!

    3407 Perry Lane

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