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At the Center for mezzo soprano and orchestra

June 17, 2018: I just got back from a trip to Europe. I went to the Netherland and went to Amsterdam, Deventer and Middelburg. All these places are related to promoting my current composition At the Center for mezzo soprano and orchestra. Below is a link to hear the mockup version of the conductor’s score….

Added a Spotify link of my music, and an update on my current composition “At the Center” for mezzo soprano and orchestra for this update news.

April 29, 2018:   I’ve been very busy working on my new composition At the Center for mezzo soprano and orchestra for the last two years. I’m now doing a vocal/piano score of the composition to send to the mezzo soprano singers I’m working with here in the USA and in Amsterdam. The text is…

Solo piano piece “Zephyr.”

Wrote this on a quiet day where the temperature was just perfect. I was in a contemplative mood. No effects added to the recording.

Instagram music videos

Just posted a short music video on youtube at This is my first Instagram music video. I was just playing around with some videos I’ve shot lately with my iPhone, and picked this short clip to put music to. I’ll load this up on my Instagram account at ECMUSIC1008. It’s called Window view of the…

Added new video using Ircam Lab “The Snail.”

The solo piano composition Sunday morning with the rain falling was the first audio file that I ran through the program called The Snail by Ircam Lab. This is an amazing software program. I love it that it’s showing the chord structures being played on the piano and the overtones that get generated as well….

Added a Video page

I just added Tide Pool  from my album Across the Water under the Video page.