Embrace of the Infinite

August 2, 2020: NOTE: Below are the various stages of development of this composition that you can stream and hear. The first entry dated May 4, 2020, is a short clip of the motive or concept you can stream of this work. Next, the dated entry of June 19, 2020 is a more complete version of the piece almost eight minutes long that you can hear. And today’s date entry, August 2, 2020, is updating the status of this composition, and that I did a final mix and mastered the piece to this point, which will be released officially on August 7, 2020 on my Spotify’s artist’s page at Eric Chapelle on Spotify Here is the new single Embrace of the Infinite with the final mix in the music video on my Youtube Channel: Embrace of the Infinite

June 19, 2020: Today I finished a first draft of this composition and it’s now called Embrace of the Infinite. The piece is now eight minutes long. I loved working on this piece. The previous posting gave you a glimpse of the early version of this work. I plan to also do a music video as well, and I hope to use images of faraway galaxies, nebulas, etc. taken from the Hubble Space Telescope. Here is the link to stream this new composition for the orchestra Embrace of the Infinite:

May 4, 2020: With the pandemic going on throughout the world, I realized that folks need to hear music that’s soothing and comforting. Yesterday, I start to work on an orchestral ambient piece, and decided to pursue this avenue vigorously until I have an album length of ambient pieces.

Click here to hear the meditative ambient work called Meditation No. 1 as a stream. Put on your headphones for best results.

3 Responses to Embrace of the Infinite

  1. Herbert says:

    Hello my Friend,

    You have mastered the rich sounds and blends of your instruments. Dah, dah; very familiar two note wonder. I like the bell reminding us of other sounds then your accompaniment. Rich in flavor, I’d like to hear more content. You have called it a meditation No. 1 which indicates you would actually put someone in a meditative state. This is only a 1:22 minute piece. To be more meditative, believe it or not, I might want to slow it down even more, expand you thoughts. Have you meditated to this piece. I’m sure you might come up with something longer. There is no doubt, you have control of your sound, it is your signature. Don’t be afraid to look outside the box you have created and bring you signature with you.

    Let yourself go, you have the time to experiment.

    Thank you for sharing!

    Your friend

  2. Carolyn says:

    Nice work! I look forward to hearing more. Yes, definitely compose for this niche, which I think of as slow and low.

    Cello is always a favorite for this genre.
    Also you may want to look into the science of frequencies and their affect on us.

    Carry on!
    Love to you.

  3. RiaV says:

    This piece made me think of good film music. I know these are mood pieces, but there is always a story, a narrative … something that propels the music forward, and I always find that haunting. It is easy to stay very concentrated on this piece. Your idea to pair it with images from the Hubble telescope sounds perfect.

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